Regina Lin, PH.D.

Regina Lin, Ph.D. is Associate Director of Cell Therapy at Link Cell Therapies. Following her academic training, Regina worked at Pfizer and Allogene to engineer CAR T cells with enhanced potency and persistence. These included the design and characterization of novel constitutively-active and inducible chimeric cytokine receptors, which culminated in the clinical development of Allogene’s first TurboCARTM program, ALLO-605. After Allogene, Regina joined Harpoon Therapeutics, where she helped develop next-generation T cell engagers with improved safety and efficacy.

Regina obtained her B.S. in Life Sciences (Biomedical Science specialization) from the National University of Singapore. She then obtained her Ph.D. from the Department of Immunology at Duke University School of Medicine, where she investigated microRNA-mediated modulation of adoptively transferred T cell therapies. She then pursued post-doctoral training at Pfizer’s CAR T Cell group, where she worked on strategies to overcome solid tumor immune-suppression.

Regina has co-authored 10 scientific publications and is an inventor on 5 patents.